Fit District


We are extremely grateful to Emma and Laura of Fit District, Ambleside, who have taken hold of the initial Festival Idea and turned it into an absolutely amazing and varied experience for those who are lucky enough to bag a ticket!

Emma & Laura – Fit District Founders

Emma and Laura make up the talented and dynamic team at Fit District, established in 2018, and are both passionate and driven to provide the best service possible in all areas of health and fitness – perfectly combining exercise classes, one to one personal training sessions and nutritional expertise, to enable their clients to get the best results from their fitness journey.

The girls have a mission to improve the quality of life for all that join them, and as such are constantly on the lookout for ways to make excellent fitness and nutrition accessible and uncomplicated. They are set to become a widely recognised Cumbrian brand with the launch of their new website and Fit District Body Fuel, the Lake District’s first meal preparation service, providing the county with amazing tasting, calorie counted, macro tracked, nutritious meals, using local produce – allowing you to eat better, not less.

Their broad range of skills and connections has meant Fit District Festival is able to offer an enticing and exhilarating range of activities to get people fired up and on their feet.