Solomons Europe – About the Festival Founders

In 2018, Chartered Quantity Surveying Practice, Solomons Europe celebrated its 20th Birthday, beginning a Pay It Forward mission to connect with other businesses and emerging talent in our northern regions. This Year long Pay It Forward project has been a wonderful experience for our business, from which we have reaped many unexpected benefits from reaching out to engage and collaborate with other small businesses and talent across a diverse spectrum. So for these reasons, we decided celebrate this milestone by hosting our first Fitness & Wellbeing Festival, which we plan to open up to friends, colleagues and other businesses, large and small, both to attend and showcase their talents.

We are extremely excited to think that through this festival, we will be able to give people as many opportunities as possible to test out various Health, Fitness and Wellbeing activities, as well as allowing local health, fitness and wellbeing providers and support networks to show how they can have a real and lasting impact on physical and mental health, following the NHS 5 Ways to Wellbeing:


We hope this will support those attending to help find ways to improve feelings of fitness and resilience to tackle the day to day challenges we all face at work and at home in this 24/7 society. Let’s hope this is the beginning of something very special!